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About us

We create outstanding custom exhibitions for building your brand. Valuable Experiences is the game at which we excel at.

EVENTA weaves captivating, immersive experiences with visionary designs and skilled craftsmanship. From corporate trade shows custom exhibition builds to interactive museum exhibits, we excel in evoking emotions and leaving lasting impressions. Meticulous attention to detail and seamless project management ensure each project's timely delivery. We are committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies. Our diverse portfolio showcases acclaimed displays worldwide, engaging visitors as active participants. Step into our world and let us ignite your imagination through extraordinary exhibition design. Together, we inspire the world through the power of artful storytelling. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind exhibition stand or a complete design and build service, we are the go-to exhibition design company for you.

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Internal Process 2


Project Analysis

We start by studying the clients’ wants and needs, to gain insight into their vision and desired outcomes. Then through a human centered design approach we visualize the experience they would gain by interacting with this new space.


Onsite installation and support

Exhibition projects are bringing in numerous elements together which have to line up within the 2 or 3 days of build up. Our onsite team's experience allows for the smooth integration of these elements and rectify any anomalies quickly and efficiently.


3d and 2d Design

We believe that every space should tell a story; a narrative that is crafted as a result of the contextual enquiry behind the space, design should respond to this enquiry thus creating bespoke experiences for each space. This approach allows us to create outstanding identities to our client's project that either directly or abstractly relates to their CI.


Analytics and database building

If you are looking to build a client database from your venture, we help you implement the system in creative and tech savvy methods.


Dedicated Project Management

We adopt an Agile methodology as our project management methodology to keep the team dynamics high, adapt to changing circumstances, and to help us give and receive feedback from the client as soon as possible. Creating a flexible and efficient problem solving process.


High Tech Engagement solutions

We make sure to use the best and latest technologies where it serves the context of the project. This is to allow for greater interactivity and attraction to uniquely serve our client's goals.

Client Process 3


/ Design Development

We start off with a venue site survey if needed. Then we initiate the concept design process - working within clients' budget. Once we are satisfied with the out come, we cost the project and send both for client approval.


/ Stand Production

Once we have approval on the designs and budget, Production drawings are produced, venue approvals are taken, services are ordered, Graphics and artwork are finalised and printed, all in preparation for loading to site.


/ Build up

Structure is built onsite according to prepared schedules. Graphics and appliances are installed and finishing works are executed.


/ DeRig

After the event is over our crew heads back to site for the take down and logistics.